sweet home

Love at first spike!

This October some rocks in the Universe got aligned in order for me to participate to the StreetMode festival in Thessaloniki as a yoyo-player. It was there where I had the chance to play for many hours and among other things to present to people some aspects of yoyoing.

people I've met:

I got lucky there and met all kinds of cool dudes from everyday people who were thrilled to throw a yoyo to BMX specialists that play Kendama like crazy...

Also met some parkour lunies :) that rock!

kendama tryout:

My dear friend George Gizelis handed me a Kendama just to give it a go...Well that was it. After landing to kozara for the first time it was love at first spike :)

When I got back to Athens I got one fast at yo-yo.gr and started practicing.


practicing ever since:

What a great discipline that "invention" is!
I refuse to call it a toy because it isn't just that and cause of the multiple lessons it gives me every time I practice it. It is tones of fun, no doubt buuuuut it's more than a toy and it has many benefits during and after practicing it.

It is becoming a way of life - waking up at 6:30am to practice kendama among other things - and a valuable excercise because of the dynamic nature of juggling in it's tricks. It is all in one. The need for speed, balance, accuracy, expressiveness and most of all tranquility. The feel of a "perfect" spike gives a perception of stillness and completion.

tiny kendama reference:

Sword and Ball = kendama